50/50 Shot

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Today is my 50th post on Shot of Brandi* and it is also my dad's 50th birthday.

For those of you privileged enough to attend my dad's birthday fiesta this past Saturday, like me you probably don't remember parts of it. Ahhh a true Bonkowski bash.

The reason for complete and utter intoxication can be blamed on this recipe below - Bubba's Lemonade. Or as my grandma calls it "Panther Piss."

Bubba's Lemonade
Pour all ingredients into a large jug similar to one they serve Gatorade in at sporting events
- One large container of lemonade mix
- Two handles of vodka (my mom bought the cheap stuff)
- Fill container with beer and ice
- Stir
Drink and watch people slur their speech, fall over and dance uncontrollably (see girl in green below).