Sex on the Beach

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I am heading to the Dirty Jerz Shore tonight for a Friday/Saturday wedding-poloza. In honor of the beach, I’ve included a classic 90’s recipe for Thirsty Thursday – Sex on the Beach.

Thinking back on college (freshman year) it was the first time I was really alone in a bar with a plethora of alcohol possibilities in front of me. So when the bartender at Dr. Longshots would ask me what I wanted, the first thing that came to mind was “Sex on the Beach.” Classy, I know.

If the bartender was new or felt like throwing a young college girl for a loop, they may catch me off guard and say “What’s in that?” That is when I would stare dumbfounded.

So what’s in a Sex on the Beach? Here it goes.

Sex on the Beach
- ¾ part vodka
- ¼ part peach schnapps
- ¼ part razzmatazz (raspberry liqueur)
- Splash of cranberry and pineapple.
Shake and pour over ice.

As an FYI – I am putting drink recipe into parts because that means you can customize this by the glass you are using. If you are making one drink, then you will probably want to measure the parts in a jigger or shot glass, but if you are making a batch of this to serve in a pitcher, then you will obliviously use a bigger glass to measure (i.e. measuring cup).

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