Lemonade, 10 cents

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back in elementary school, my BFF and tried at least three times to hold a lemonade stand on her street. To us, it was a great idea. She lived on a busy road in the town that led to the pool. We made signs, a great batch of cool, lemonade and sold it for a mere 10 cents.

I guess if we were smarter, we would have realized that the speed limit was 35 mph and cars can’t make a quick stop on her street. No wonder our only customers were her neighbors.

Regardless, as an adult, I love a good glass of lemonade. I think a wonderful addition to your next gathering is a grown-up lemonade stand.

Here are the DYI directions:
- Make one big batch of regular and pink lemonade. For smaller parties, pick up two of these glass containers (right) sold at Crate & Barrel
- Purchase three to five flavored liqueurs (see below for a list)
- Create a lemonade stand sign in child-like writing and don’t forget a table sign that says “Lemonade 10 cents”
- Place a jar on the table for the coins!

The basic format for an adult lemonade drink is as follows:
4 parts of lemonade
1 part vodka
1 part flavor

Here are some flavors I suggest keeping on hand:
DeKuyper Blue Curacao
DeKuyper Strawberry Pucker
DeKuyper Raspberry Pucker
DeKuyper Cherry Pucker
DeKuyper Berry Fusion
DeKuyper Island Punch
DeKuyper Mixed Berry
Chambord Raspberry Liqueur

If you really want to impress guests, buy some garnishes like:Blueberries
Pop Rocks to rim the glass
Rock Candy sticks for stirring (shown on left)
Happy Thirsty Thursday!

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