Evite is so 1998

Sunday, September 14, 2008

For amazingly ten years, Evite has been the go-to source for sending out an electronic invitation to a party. In fact, the site it used by more than five million people every month. It’s easy to create an invite, easy to RSVP and has cute designs to match your theme.

More than ever, party pros are recommending using electronic invites as a way to “go green,” because you are not using paper to send snail mail invitations.

Today, there are some new sites that are getting into the electronic invite biz with some cool services. When doing research for this post, I actually stumbled upon articles and sites that are dedicated to bashing Evite becuase of its outdated graphics and little to no innovation.

Pingg: This site takes the services on Evite up a notch by giving users the option to have their invitation printed, stamped and mailed by Pingg. The invitation images are stylish, real photographs and include themes for a number of holidays. Pingg’s birthday invites are really the ones that stand out - love the cupcakes!

MyPunchBowl: If you like what Evite has to offer, but are looking for some fresh recipes and party tips, MyPunchBowl is your new best friend. With a similar look and feel to Evite, MyPunchBowl offers host and hostess the option to allow guests to weigh in on a party date.
I especially love the invite options for hosting a casual drink night. The images are contemporary and fun – including this shout out to the red party cup. While creating your invite, party tips and recipes are offered via an avatar named Penelope. If you are hosting a potluck party, there is an option for you to list what you are bringing so there aren’t duplicate dishes.

Designed for dudes, Manvite offers invitations for events like Drinking Beer, Watching Sports, Cougar Hunting and Lap Dances. I think this site is a good idea, but I really don’t know how many guys will take the time to sign up and create an invite to “Play Madden.” And honestly, you won’t see a sample pic of an Manvite on here because I didn’t feel like signing up for this service. And, unless you sign up, you are really cock-blocked out of seeing what this service has to offer. Regardless, it’s a new option.

Socializr: Somewhat new to the scene is Socializr. Created by the founder of Friendster, this is the most fashion-forward of the electronic invitation sites because of its integration with social networking sites like MySpace. I found the images for invites to be a little “cheesy,” however there is the option to upload your own design.

Regardless of what the old-fashioned etiquette experts have to say about electronic invites, I think certain situations call for a party notice via e-mail.

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