So Obsessed

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Below are my Brandi* Obsessions for the moment. Brandi* is going to talk in first person today in honor of it being Wednesday because Brandi* thinks it’s funny that Suede talks in first person on Project Runway and Brandi* is obsessed with PR.

Bow to the Wow: On Monday, it was Brandi*’s dog’s birthday. Brandi* is a bad sister and forgot to send a present. Maybe Brandi* should have sent something from J.Crew’s new CrewMutts Collection. In honor of all pets out there, Brandi* loves the “Labor of Love” Pet Photo Booth project by artists Justin Peiers and Yvonne Doherty. The pair is documenting Australian owners and their pets in novelty settings. The photos are just too funny.

Apple of my Eye: It’s that time of year folks. Next week marks the start of fall and candy apples are in full effect. Brandi* typically buys her candy apples locally, but Gourmet Candy Apples has some wickedly delicious options. Brandi* also likes the fact that candy apples are very easy to make at home. Consider hosting a candy apple making party by purchasing a variety of apples, sticks and toppings like melted caramel and chocolate and sprinkles, nuts, sprinkles, mini-chocolate chips, mini-M&M’s, crushed candy like Snickers, Butterfingers, etc. The list and fun goes on and on.

BeDazzle: For the last week, Brandi* has been drooling over jewelry. I think it’s because Brandi* is trying to scale back her shopping addiction during this rough economy. Brandi* thinks a good way to settle her crave for new looks with accessories, like jewelry. For the longest time, Brandi* has been obsessing over a nice locket. Finally, a great, somewhat affordable option from Maya Brenner. This will be on Brandi*’s Christmas list. Oh and Fuss’s line is totally fuss-worthy and a must see for DIY inspiration.

Air Force Ones: Reader/Favorite Blogger Brian and Brandi* went shopping last night. Brian purchased a pair of kick ass Nikes. Brandi* now wants a pair of casual tennis shoes. Brandi* really wants the ones that Brian got, but doesn’t want to appear that her and Brian are “going to Kennywood” by wearing the same shoes. Brandi* is now obsessed with finding a good pair of sneakers. Help Brandi*

FYI – for that reader I don’t personally know, I dot my I’s with stars. When I was in 3rd grade, I got pissed off at people for spelling my name Brandy, so I started dotting the I’s with stars so they would see it and this little thing has stuck. Really, no lie. I can even pull out some kindergarten artwork in which I dot my I with a heart.

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