World's Best Boss

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Office is one of my favorite television shows. Watching each episode, I find myself laughing out loud and last night’s season premier was no exception.
This week, I’ve discovered that The Office’s web site is just as funny, it not funnier, than the show. Here’s what the masterminds at NBC Marketing did to pump up the show.

Andy & Angela’s Wedding Site: A rite of passage for any engaged couple, Andy and Angela have an official wedding Web site. Visit for updates on the wedding, attire, shower, etc. I love the fact that Andy has turned into a Groom-zilla.

Serenity by Jan: Looking for a gift for a fan of The Office? Look no further than Serenity by Jan. The site offers “hand-poured, creamy, highly aromatic candles.” This is no joke. You can really purchase the candles via the NBC Store. You must read the testimonial section.

Sex and the Electric City Blog: Resident party girl Meredith blogs about her adventures in Scranton – “The Electric City.” Meredith reveals that her dieting strategy for the Dunder Mifflin weight loss challenge was sticking to only clear spirits.

Dunder Mifflin Infinity: The homepage of Duder Mifflin, this site allows you to apply for jobs at the world’s famous paper company. If you remember, Infinity is the program that Ryan unsuccessfully launched last season before he was fired.

There is much more to explore on the NBC site and the many micro-sites. If you have time, be sure to check out the deleted scenes!