Pop Culture Halloween

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Halloween is here.
Cheesy pop up stores are getting ready to open there doors. Candy is on sale. Chicago weather is cold.
Each Halloween, I make it my goal to come up with a creative Halloween costume. My two rules when selecting my attire is that it is NOT SLUTTY and it’s CREATIVE. Halloween is not an excuse to parade around town wearing underwear (unless you are Will Ferrell in “Old School”) – especially if you are a girl.

Some of the best Halloween ideas are inspired by pop culture. Looking back on 2008, let’s explore some good options for DYI costumes.
- Prego man
- Madonna & A-Rod
- Polygamist
- Lindsey Lohan & SaMANtha Ronson
- Tom Brady on crutches
- Cast of Gossip Girl (guarantee this will be a college co-ed favorite!)

Over the years, I’ve seen some very unique ensembles that include:
- Box of Franzia
- A group of shots (Red Headed Slut, Irish Car Bomb, White and Black Russians, Flaming Dr. Pepper, etc.)
- The PRT (WVU shout out!)

There are also a number of costumes that should be outlawed for overuse:
- Slutty anything – Disney characters, girl scouts, witch, devil, etc. Just don’t do it.
- Brittney Spears (that means K.Fed too) – Actually, I am going to make one exception here. I did see a group of people that dressed as Brittney Spears at a different phase of her life (Hit Me Baby One More Time, Oops I Did it Again, MTV Awards, etc.)
- Madonna – with the exception of Madonna & ARod together as mentioned above
- Michael Jackson
- Pee Wee Herman
- Ghost Busters
- Dick in a Box

I still haven’t come up with my 2009 idea. I really want to be Hannah Montana, but again that isn’t too creative. My mom thinks that Brady should be Tony Little – the guy from the info-mericals. You know, the one that sells the Gazelle machine. Again, I am being lame, so please send suggestions!

Shot of Brandi* readers – I challenge you to get creative in 2009 and burn the slutty outfits (that means you Dana)!

(Picture Sources: realitytvmagazine.com, collegehumor.com)