And the Oscar goes to...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sunday, Feb. 22 is Hollywood's biggest night...or at least that's what the media dubs it. It's Oscar Night - or the Academy Awards!

All the newspapers and blogs are a buzz with Oscar party tips. But it really gets me people realy have Oscar parties? It's on a Sunday, the awards typically run late and if you start with the red carpet, it's a really long party. Well if there are people out there who do host these shin digs, I've just never been invited!

If you are preparing for a Sunday night drinkfest to watch the stars, here are some fun tips to make your party the talk of the water cooler on Monday.

* Keep your red Valentine’s table cloth out to create the look and feel of the Red Carpet. Add star placemats and gold accessories.
* Recreate the Hollywood Walk of Fame on your sidewalk leading up to your house or apartment hallway. Purchase or cut out gold stars and affix them with your friends names.

* Hand out Oscar ballots with your guests invitations. Tally up scores and award the winner a prize.

* I LOVE the idea of asking guests to come with their best acceptance speech prepared. Give each person 60 seconds to delivery their best speech and award the winner with a gift card to a local movie theater. Bonus points if you set up a podium with a replica award and video your friends!
* Popcorn is a MUST. Order a variety of bags from Dale & Thomas. Empty the popcorn out of the bags and fill different sized hurricane vases for a cool look.

* Slumdog Millionaire is one of the most buzzed about movies this year. Create a radical millionaire-like game to play during commercials.

* Play paparazzi - when you open the door to let a guest in, snap the camera unexpectadly. The shots will be great in your post-party Kodak Gallery or for a new Facebook profile pic.

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