Sue's 21st...err 50th Birthday

Monday, February 09, 2009

This weekend, my mother celebrated her golden birthday with a party that was...let's just say in the words of Blogo..."Effen Golden."

Here are some of the details of the bash.

The MUCH talked about birthday cake. This was all my dad's idea.

Cookie tables - my Aunt Stacey has learned from the best - Grandma Dolly! The tables were adorned with old pics.

Dad's Nacho Bar - he was really proud of this.

My simple, inexpensive and handmade party favors:
Gumballs - "I hope you had a ball at Sue's Birthday"
Red Hots - "Sue's 50 and Still Red Hot"

Gram tending bar for Brady and Jill.

I wish reader Bubba would have got a better video of my and J Bo's interpertative dance to "Like a Prayer" but I know there is a Souja Boy one that exists.