Stupid Cupid

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I get it. You are probably thinking “Brandi* - stop being so anti-Valentine’s Day. My (insert significant other’s name here) will hate me if I don’t do anything on Feb. 14th. If you MUST celebrate Valentine’s Day, here are some Brandi* approved ways to approach the “holiday.”

* Support the Post Office. It was just announced today that want to raise postage to 44 cents and reduce the mail days from six to five in an effort to cut costs. So show your support by sending friends those cheesy Valentines you used to receive in grade school. Seriously, they cost 99 cents at CVS.

* Feeling sociable? Make some cheap Valentines with construction paper and glitter and deliver them to your neighbors and those little people like your Starbucks Barrista, door man, secretary, etc.

* If you are attached this holiday, challenge your honey to spend only $14 on a gift for you. I’ve seen this idea in multiple places, but the most memorable time was during an episode of “The Newlyweds.” I think Nick & Jessica’s spend limit was $50, but let’s face it – they’re rich. Don’t let the outcome of their relationship stop you from having some fun with this idea.

* Make dinner at home. Spice things up by making a full menu of items that either you or your friend have never made. If they work, you can use them again. If you get sick, trash the recipe.

* Screw having a girlfriend/boyfriend. Buy yourself some chocolate, flowers and a new pair of designer shoes. Embrace being single and not having to explain to your better half how women’s shoes and clothes are double the costs of guys.

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