Derby Days

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I love the Kentucky Derby. I think it’s a mix of the fabulous clothes and the adorable horse names. Maybe it also reminds me of my drunken days at Sigma Chi Derby Days….ahhhh those were the times.

Well if you would like to have your own, grown up Kentucky Derby Party, here are some tips.

Saturday, May: Kentucky Derby
* The 135th running of the 1009 Kentucky Derby is on Saturday, May 2nd at 6:04 p.m. est. on NBC.

* I obsess over the clothes women wear to the grandstand of the Derby. It’s my dream wardrobe. Make floral attire and pastels a must at your party. This will totally work in 2009 as flower-patterned clothes are totally “in.”

* Looking back, there was one (and only one) good thing that came out of my brief stint dating Rob Y. and that is HORSE RACING. You must get your friends super drunk and then attempt this game. If you play it sober, it just isn’t as fun. Wikipedia explains how you horse race.

* Serve the traditional Derby foods & drink with favorites like Derby Pie and Mint Juleps
For a twist on the traditional recipes, you can always make Mint Julep Cupcakes (right).

* For any additional inspirations, visit the Official Kentucky Derby Party Web site. They have some videos on how you can make your own Derby Hat.

One day I’ll make it to Kentucky for this. One day ; )

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