Get in the Organic Spirit

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Given that it's Earth Month and Earth Day is next Wednesday, you're probably seeing more tips on ways to go green and live a more natural lifestyle. Well, I recommend making your partying more green with some cocktails. These three beverages promote sustainability, use organic ingredients and would fit nicely with a 2010 St. Pat’s “Go Green” party theme or maybe an Earth Day gathering? Humm….

When the “Green” trend starting picking up speed in 2007, a number of distillers created organic alcohol brands. To be certified organic, no pesticides and fertilizers can be used on the grains and no chemicals can be used using the distilling process.

While I can’t say these have been “Shot of Brandi* Tested,” I would recommend trying them at a bar (if possible) before purchasing a full bottle.

Tru Organic: The first USDA Organically Certified spirit in the United States, TRU offers consumers three flavored vodka’s and an organic gin. The TRU site claims that its vodkas are “organic, packaged in 100% recycled, recyclable or biodegradable packaging.” TRU’s parent company, Modern Spirits, donates a tree for every bottle sold.

Organic Nation: Hailing from Oregon, Organic Nation Vodka and Gins are made with local, organically certified products. Organic Nation Gin is one of only four organic gin spirits produces in the world. Organic Nation’s parent company, Cascade Peaks Spirits, is currently developing a ginger vodka, coffee liqueur, chocolate liqueur and organic whisky to add to its growing portfolio.

ModMix: If you are looking for new flavors of cocktail mixers, you must try Modmix. The line of six flavors includes citrus margarita, French martini, lavender lemon drop (yum!), mojito, pomegranate cosmopolitan and wasabi bloody mary. All you need to do is add the mixer and you have a signature cocktail that guest will think you slaved in the kitchen to make.

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