What's In Your Bag?

Monday, April 06, 2009

I remember back when I was in college (wow, I sound old). It was before cell phones...digital cameras...computers (just kidding). We didn't need to carry purses out - just our ID and money rubber banded together. We would tape our dorm key to the bottom of the door, so we didn't even need to bring that out.

Now that I'm older, I find that my purse is getting bigger and bigger. Some of my friends pratically bring out suitcases (ah hem Speiler).

No matter the size of your bag, there are somethings you should carry with you...

Safety Pin: They call it a safety pin for a reason. You never want to get caught out with a major fashion faux pas like a broken bra, dress strap or zipper. A small pin can help a number of fashion emergencies.

$20: I once met a girl who told me that she always carries a secret $20 bill in her wallet – just incase she needs cash. While I wish I stuck to this habit, it’s a very smart idea. Especially if you are in a place when you often take cabs. I do keep a spare $2 behind my bus pass just incase it doesn’t register when I’m trying to board the bus. You might want to also carry a few quarters – just incase you need to make a call at a pay phone…yeah, I said pay phone.

Numbers: Speaking of a pay phone. It’s rather sad that Brady and I are going on year six of dating and I don’t know his phone number by heart. In fact, I think I only know my dad’s cell number because it is so dang easy. I recommend writing a few key numbers down on paper – or even printing them at a micro size, so you can slip the important numbers in your wallet. You never know when or where you might lose your phone or it dies.

MILK: Lately I’ve become notorious for losing things and forgetting things at home. You may think I am ignoring your call…chances are my phone is in my apartment. Anyways, it once came up at work for girl’s to remember MILK before they head out – Money, ID, Lipstick, Keys.

Misc. Items: While these items aren’t requirements, you might be someone’s lifesaver if you are carrying the following: Gum, mints, antibacterial wipes/gel, tampon, dental floss, a pen, business cards, asprin and a camera!

(picture source: Avalisa via art.com)