Your On The Clock

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This weekend kicks off a number of random “holidays” that give people a good excuse to have a party!

If you feel like having friends over and are looking for a cute theme, over the next three days, I’ll give you some tips on hosting an NFL Draft Party, A Kentucky Derby Shin Dig and a Cino de Mayo Celebration.

Saturday, April 15th: NFL Draft.* Call your friends over to watch the draft while drinking…well draft beer of course. Order a keg…or if you’re a pussy you can get a party ball lol. The key is to have "draft" beer on hand. Don't forget to frost the mugs.

* Use this as an early excuse to get your tailgate on. The weather in the mid-west is on schedule to be beautiful…bring your TV outside if you can and host your tailgate in your yard. Dust off your bags game if you already haven’t.

* If you don’t feel like grilling, order wings from your favorite local joint and have 4-5 apps you can cook up during the long day.

* Make a “draft bingo” game. Create different boards with predicted picks. The first person to go BINGO wins! Buy some festive beer mugs as prizes.

* The NFL Draft symbolizes boys leaving college to become men in the NFL. Throwback to your college days (for some) and play flip cup, beer pong, asshole and circle of death. Limit the game times for in between picks when a team is “on the clock.”

* If you want to host a sophisticated party, turn it into a draft beer tasting. Sample different craft beers from around the U.S. and world.

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