200th Post & Exciting News!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's hard to believe, but this is my 200th post on Shot of Brandi*. Kinda like my Bicentennial Blog entry.

Thank you to all of my readers who send topic ideas, suggestions and say "Are you going to blog about this?" I do it all for my reader(s).

Because I love each and every one of you so much, I wanted you to be among the first to visit Brandi* & Brady - The Blog.

Like Shot Of Brandi*, our wedding blog is on double, secret lock down. You need to type in the URL to find it and names and pictures aren't able to be found via search engines. Here's the URL for you to jot down or bookmark...

Don't fear friends, Shot of Brandi* will still deliver you random stories and lame drink recipes.

This second blog is an outlet for Brady and I to share wedding details with our family and friends so they learn more about us, our important wedding details (location, hotels, etc) and meet our awesome wedding party. And no, it isn't going to be one of those crazy blogs that tells everyone what napkins we selected and what's in the hotel guests gift bags.
Feel privlidged - we haven't emailed this out yet! You are getting the first look.

As we celebrate the Shot of Brandi* Bicentennial (fitting it's the week of the 4th of July), I want thank you all of my friends for your support, encouragement and page views! Here's to 200 more!

(photo: free clip art now)