Tony 4 Hire

Thursday, June 04, 2009

When I walk to work, there are regulars that I see. There is the "Can I have a Dollar" lady that pees on the bus, the guy that used to play the piano, the guy that carries all his items on his back and finally the crazy shopper lady that is 80 with a wig. My goal has been to capture pictures of my "friends" and share them with you.

Well, the day has come where one of my regulars has his own Web site. Readers, meet Tony...
Tony is constantly driving up and down Michigan Ave with his top down during all weather. If he isn't crusin' the streets, you can find him running with his shirt off. And with that hair, how can you miss him!

Next time you are in town, I just might splurge on the $150 "ride around the block" for you with Tony. That beats an Architecture Tour or a carriage ride!