Skype, Skype, be dybe

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My junior year of college, my dad called me around the 15th of each month and completely bitched me out about the amount of my cell phone bill. $300, $200, $150…while the amount was getting lower, it continuously exceeded the 100 mark. After about six months, dad eventually called and said “I owe you an apology.” My At&t plan actually expired and I was getting paid by the minute for each call I made. While this was just one example, let’s just say I was a talker in college and frequently ran up high cell bills. Things would have been easier if I just kept my Lego landline phone (above). Or, if Skype existed back in 2000.

Dana – you may not want to read this Tech Tuesday update. You probably could have guest blogged this subject.

From Oprah to MTV to Perez Hilton, everyone is using Skype. This downloadable tool works with your internet connection and allows you to make calls to other Skype users absolutely free of charge. You can talk as long as you want and there is no worry about cost!

The creators have made Skype easy to work with – you can import your contacts from a variety of email accounts and access it from your Blackberry or iPhone.

Skype has a crazy amount of features like call video calling, file sending, instant messaging, call forwarding…you name it!

So if you have friends or family living around the globe, Skype is ideal for you! It’s also awesome for long distance relationships and for keeping in touch with kids when they go off to college!

(source: skype and some amazing web site that I can't remember)