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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Heading into 2009, bacon was the hot culinary trend. We’ve seen chocolate covered bacon, deep-fried bacon, bacon cupcakes…you name it. There are even bacon band aids.

Well, blame it on the recession or Twitter, foodies are now embracing the food cart. In fact, last week The Wall Street Journal wrote a story titled “Food Truck Nation.” The first paragraph really sums things up by saying…

"A new generation of lunch trucks is hitting the streets. They serve high-end fare such as grass-fed beef hamburgers, escargot and crème brûlée. As they rove cities like Austin, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, they alert customers to their locations using Twitter and Facebook. Their owners include highly trained chefs and well-known restaurateurs."

Reader Amy is throwing up in her mouth over her fear of food carts, but a lot of reporters are giving these pop up eateries glowing reviews. And the food is said to be excellent. I’m not talkin’ hot dogs folks. These carts are decked out with vegan burgers, fancy treats, gourmet tacos, etc.

Here are some more examples of Food Carts in the media (and in an area near you):

Back in May, the Associated Press featured LA food truck Kogi BBQ

San Francisco is a mecca of all things food, so of course they have some awesome food cart options. Check out this story in the San Francisco Chronicle that features the Magic Curry Kart, Crème Brulee Guy

The Web Site Jaunted covered LA’s gourmet food truck scene with The Border Grill Taco Truck.

The Clover Food Truck in Boston serves organic and vegetarian foods to MIT students. Gosh, all we had at WVU was the hot dog man (right).

Even Sprinkels Cupakes is even jumping on the bandwagon, with an on-the-go truck!

(Sources: Wall Street Journal,,, AP/,, Sprinkles Cupkcaes, Photo: WVU’s own DA and AP (Matt Sayers)