2009 Obsessions

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Thursday closed out one of the most exciting decades of my life. It’s so crazy how things have changed in the last 10 years. I graduated high school, went to WVU, met my awesome future hubby, moved to Virginia and Illinois, and spent five years of the last decade at the same job. Oh and how can I forget…I became a blogger! I’m so excited for what the next ten years have in store.

In what may become a Shot of Brandi* tradition, I wanted to recap my top 10 obsessions of 2009.

10. Blogging: Yes, this was my #10 of last year, but there are two reasons blogging made the list again.

In 2008 I said that I wanted someone to take a tip and apply it to real life. Well guess what? It’s happened! Reader Amy’s mom made reader Beth’s punch recipe for a holiday party and it was a HIT!

Secondly, blogging made my list of obsessions because 2009 welcomed the Brandi & Brady Wedding Blog. Look for more fun posts as the Bonkowski/Smith Wedding date approaches.

Also, Shot of Brandi had 183 unique visits in 2009. SERIOUSLY! I am as shocked as you are. I’m almost at 200 readers! WOW. And to think, the only way people know about my secret web area is through word of mouth (since you can’t find this blog through a google search!). Thank you all for visiting and I hope that I can keep you entertained throughout the years.

9. Dead Celebrities: 2009 will go down as a year of unforgettable celebrity deaths. From Michael to Farrah to Brittany to Patrick… a lot of famous people that I obsessed over passed away last year. Let’s hope that 2010 doesn’t bring us as many surprises.

8. Chicago Style Hot Dogs: January 1, 2010 marked my five year Chicago-versary. Can you believe I’ve lived in the Windy City for FIVE YEARS! But last year was the first time I experienced a Chicago Style Hot Dog. I must say, my first trip to the Weiner Circle with Lindsey and Brady has changed my drunk eating habits forever. No longer will I put up with crappy Chicago thin-crust pizza. I’m eating Chicago dogs all the time! My only requirement is they hold the onions and mustard!

7. Back to Basic Party Décor: While the economy is getting better, people are still looking for ways to save money. Trend forecasters expect this to be something that is here to stay. I love that 2009 brought back party décor that has been considered passé. For example, I love that party planners and entertaining experts aren’t afraid to incorporate carnations and balloons into centerpieces. I hope that 2010 brings on some fresh entertaining ideas!

6. Non-Reality Television: For the last few years, if you asked me what my favorite TV shows were, three of the top five would typically include some form of reality show. Now, I’m not sure if there would be a single reality show at the top (with the exception of Project Runway). Thanks to shows like Glee, Gossip Girl, Big Love, How I Met Your Mother, The Office and 30 Rock, scripted television is BACK! Please ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX – add more shows! Help me fill up my Tuesday and Wednesday with some better programming!

5. Boats: It all started in February. When Brady and I were looking for a wedding ceremony site, we decided on the Gateway Clipper – a boat. We didn’t realize what a great year boats would have! From the “I’m On a Boat” video to Jim & Pam’s wedding, boats are having a good year! I was also very pleased to fill my need to go fishing by taking a boat trip with my family this summer on vacation – and I did not get sick! There’s one big boat ride I’m looking forward to in 2010…wink wink!

4. Fine Dining: When sometimes reader Kristen left my old PR firm, we decided that we would meet up monthly for dinner. Well word has caught on about our little dining club and everyone wants in! Each month we pick a new restaurant with a new food theme. This year, the dining club and Brady’s willingness to step out of a regular food box has allowed me to experience a number of elite Chicago chefs establishments. I’ve tasted Graham Elliot’s signature truffle popcorn and the local fare at The Publican. I’ve discovered the yummy corn on the cob from mercadito and have become addicted to the delicious pizzas at La Madia. I can’t wait to see what new restaurants 2010 has to offer.

3. Skype: For the last two years, I’ve had a web cam on my computer but never used it. Until now. In December I learned how to Skype and now I’m obsessed. Skype allowed my friends to bring Dana from LA to our holiday Christmas party through a computer. It really felt like she was sitting on the couch just chatting it up with us girls. We hooked Brady’s mom up with Skype over the holidays and now my sister is connected. I can’t wait to dye my hair or be unsure of an attire choice, so I can just Skype J Bo in and get her opinion!

2. Bloody Mary’s & Champagne (but not at the same time): While Prosecco is still my go-to choice of alcoholic beverage, in ’09 I became obsessed with Champagne & Bloody Mary’s. I love the lightness of champagne and more and more bars are carrying it by the glass. Suddenly Champagne is being looked at as an everyday beverage rather than a celebratory drink. Additionally, I’ve become obsessed with a good Bloody Mary. I just can’t handle all the sweet drinks anymore and let’s not go into my issue with draft beer. Look for posts in 2010 about my quest to find the best Bloody Mary in Chicago.

1. Pittsburgh: It was a good year to be a Pittsburgh native. The Steelers won the Super Bowl, the Penguins brought home the Stanley Cup. The City was put on a global stage as it hosted the G20 Summit. I know 2010 will be a super year for The Steel City as it will play host to the most awesome wedding to take place ever ; )

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Amy & Jonathan said...

The punch recipe really is fantastic! Thanks Shot of Brandi!