Trendspotting 2010

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

By now you all know that I am an uber nerd. One of the things I love is trendspotting. January is a perfect month for 2010 predictions from beauty to health to fashion.

Here are some of the top trends I’ve seen this week.

· Meat Free is the Way to Be: The Chicago Tribune believes that meat will no longer be the focal point of a plate, rather meals will be dominated by beans, nuts, veggies and whole grains (source)

· Andrew Knowlton, of Bon Appetit (who has deleted a number of my email pitches for work), went on the CBS Early Show to talk about his 2010 food trend predictions. Two items of note: meatballs and comfort food. In terms of comfort food, its classic recipes that your grandma or mom makes – bread pudding, coconut cake, etc. (source)

· Numerous fashion outlets are calling for skirts with volume – I DIE! I’ll be glass to see that bandage skirt look of fall ’09 go bye, bye.

· Sorry I can’t remember which blog I read this on today, BUT in hair trends last year Lauren Conrad sparked a million people workin the mini bang braid. Well in 2010 it’s all about the big chunky braid – but please, NO FRENCH BRAID. I saw this trend in action tonight – Katie Cassidy from Melrose Place was rockin the braid at the People’s Choice Award.

· The LA Times mentioned this something that forecasters have been alerting us - watch out for Alice in Wonderland inspired looks in fashion and beauty. The marketing machine has been seeding this movie for awhile now - the Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows showcased the theme and a number of designers have said their upcoming collections are inspired by the movie. This trend will be fun to watch (source).

· According to the American Council on Exercise, two hot fitness trends are Exergaming and specialty exercise classes. Exergaming, or exercise video games like Wii Fit, will continue to becoming popular. Health clubs will embrace the trend and offer classes – hey, they need to get these people to stop working out at home!

· Specialty exercise classes like Zumba, hula hooping, circus-inspired trapeze workouts and bar method classes are creating a fun way for people to workout. People want workouts to be something fun, not rigorous.

· Mintel, a research firm, predicts that gyms will turn to a “pay as you go” format to attract people who want to use a gym, but are worried they won’t get their money’s worth. I’d say sign me up!

· Pantone named Turquoise the “Color of the Year” for 2010. Tiffany’s should be happy. (source)
· AdAge predicts that Netbooks will be the huge it thing to come out of this weeks Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Pretty soon everyone will have one and marketers will be goign after these people (source).
· says that more couples will concentre on having a grand exit in 2010. Look for sparklers, fireworks and crazy dance moves that you will see on YouTube.

(Sources: all cited with the exception of Katie Cassidy Image via Wire Image, cat from, 2010 photo, bon app cover)