Play That Funky Music

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Grammy’s Night!

If you’ve had the privlidge of hanging out with me in a bar, you will know my new obsession when I am out is playing the jukebox. I really can’t explain why I enjoying throwing a $10 away on music, but lately I’ve been giving Samantha Ronson a run on the turntable.

With the popularity of the ipod, a party must is a rockin’ playlist. So here are DJ Brandi*'s favorite party songs.

* Livin’ on a Prayer: I love this song as much as Tommy loves Gina

* Like a Prayer: No, there is no theme here, but if you’ve never see me act out this song, then you’ll want to play this. It’s worth the $1. Bonus points if I can partner this dance with Erin Young, Lynn Lai, Jillian Bonkowski or Ryan Platt

* Sexyback: While sexy never went anywhere, this JT song gets the booties shakin’

* Jackson: Gotta love me some Johnny & June.

* Don’t Stop Believing: Who doesn’t like this song? Journey is one of the best 80’s musical acts in my mind. This is also one of the best songs to sing while drinking!

* Party Like its 1999: Sooooo senior year of high school!

* Since U Been Gone: That’s for Brian. He’s a rockstar at beer pong when this song is on.

* PYT: I was on a total Mike Jackson kick way before he died. I think it started with American Idol night. Anyways, I can’t stop jammin’ to PYT. Brady will be happy when I learn the words.

* Thong Song: Things get a little crazy when Sisqo starts bumpin’. Let me see that thoooonnnngggg….

* Regulate, Gin & Juice and/or anything Snoop Dogg: This pleases the gangster rap fans and reminds you of your high school thug days.

* Country Roads: Take me home…to the place..I belong…WEST VIRGINIA…

* Party in the USA: Love her or hate to admit you love her, this song just makes things more fun.