Biz Bash 2010 Trends

Monday, January 11, 2010

Biz Bash Magazine asked people in the event planning industry to predict trends for 2010. I pulled out seven highlights that I thought were relevant to everyday entertaining. Enjoy!

“2010 is the year of the picnic: guerrilla picnics, high-in-the-sky transatlantic airplane picnics, picnic tables, and, of course, picnics for lovers.” —Josh Hickey, owner, Hickey Shields Design, New York

“Emphasis on interactive events—salsa dance lessons, mixology classes, Wii games, Iron Chef-style competitions.” —Lisa Jebb, partner, Cream of the Crop Events & Logistics L.L.C., Dania Beach, Florida

“Email invites are here to stay. It’s very rare now to see formal invites. And more events tied to charity. There needs to be a cause.” —Pam Dzierzanowski, director of events, Patron Spirits Company, New York

“Fewer linens. Rental companies offering stylish tables that don't require extraneous linens.” —Linsey A. Foster, director of constituent relations, the Art Institute of Chicago

“2010 is going glam. Fabulous, luxurious design, lots of sparkle, chic spaces, and of course, the perfect ingredient—your guest list!” —Stacey Cynamon, co-owner, Lounge Rentals,Toronto
“2010 will see the increase of all things lavish: food, decor, and venues. Recession-chic is out and luxury is back in a big way to escape daily life.” —Bruce Starr, talent and branding maestro, the BMF Media Group, New York

“Food of future events: Kill the buffets and pass all food in mini versions to increase variety and lessen waste.” —Michele Pokowicz, executive director of sales, Mary Giuliani Catering & Events Inc., New York