Reader Mailbag Question #2 - Soon-to-be Mrs. Dana

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This question comes via a scambled text from Reader Dana, who has not mastered typing on her new iPhone. She writes…

Q: What do u thk is the best site for wedding site

Q (translation): What do you think is the best site to build a wedding website

A: The hubs and I are writers. I hold a journalism degree, maintain a blog (hi!)and wrote from my high school newspaper. Yes, I know. You are shocked because of all of my misspellings and grammar errors ; ) The hubs is an avid writer as well. So we knew that we wanted to do something a bit different and create a wedding blog. We also used it as a tool for both sides of our families to get to know the other. So first and foremost, I’d recommend a blog. You can set this up using Blogger or Wordpress and it’s free. The downfall, it’s a bit time consuming.  

If you are looking for other solutions…

·        The Knot: This is the go-to site for all things wedding. A number of my friends used the Knot to inform their guests of wedding details and I love all of the templates that you can pick from. This would be my first recommendation for how easy it is to navigate. However, just keep in mind stalkers like me can find your page and neb on your wedding details. You may consider making it private. Oh and I’m not sure how customizable it is if you are an advanced website-er.

Other sites that the internets recommend:

·         Wedsite – the templates look really cool and modern on this site! But there is a fee - $59 for a full year.

·         Wedding Window – the templates look just as good as Wedsite, but this one is about $79 a year

·         My Wedding – This site is trying to be a bit like The Knot, but it’s another option for free wedding sites. I also like that you can sort the wedding site templates by color – bonus!

·         Wedding Jo Jo – Yeah, the name is a little silly, but the designers are hip and there are free options as well as the paid feature. I also like that you CAN add a blog to this if you want!

Anyone use a different option? Let's talk about it.

Leanne said...

I stalk the crap out of peoples' Knot pages. You know, random girl from HS who added me as a friend on FB; people whose engagement pics are in the newspaper; etc. And I get sooo mad when they are private. Lol.