Moving Right Along

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

So the hubs and I spent last weekend moving. Back in college, I used to have the moving thing down. I mean I would move the majority of my stuff each fall and spring from home to college in Morgantown, so I learned some tips and tricks early on. But then in Chicago, I really only moved apartments in the same building. So let’s just say, I’ve now learned that moving post-marriage (meaning after a bridal shower), can be a bit more challenging. Here are some tips I learned over the weekend:

·  Hoard Boxes. Packing supplies can be expensive! Save as many boxes as you can from work. The boxes that paper comes in are awesome because they are sturdy and have handles!
·  Pack Early. We knew for about two months when we were moving. So we started packing early. This totally helped. I mean think about all those things that you don’t use on a regular basis and pack ‘em up. For instance, I boxes my winter clothes almost immediately.

·   Sweat the Small Stuff First: This is advice from my awesome movers from Two Men & a Truck (love the obvious name). Pack the small boxes into the truck first and then the large items (think couch, book shelves, etc.) It will be the large stuff that comes off the truck first and then unloading the small boxes will be smooth sailing.
·   Secret Code: So during one move a few years ago, I made color-coded stickers for the boxes. Each sticker corresponded to what room the box went in. This made that move go rather smooth. Let’s just say that with all of the possibilities to move things in my new place, my system didn’t work out to a tee. However, I did label the boxes, so that totally helped get everything into a place before we unpacked.  

·  Trash Bags: For things like towels, some clothes and blankets, trash bags are your best bet to haul your goods. I’m also a fan of keeping clothes on the hangers, but if you are a gal like me that has a lot of things that tend to fall off, it’s better to keep them bagged up than falling on the ground.  
·  Clean, Baby, Clean: Keep your cleaning supplies accessible at all times – for cleaning your old place and freshening up the new one.

Well that’s my top tips. Does anyone have any other good moving tips?