Taking the Shitty Out of Iron City

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Iron City Beer is good.

Yes, those words just came out of my fingers. I like Iron City Beer.

Maybe I should clarify a few things. So for my “national” readers, Iron City is a local Pittsburgh brewery that is sometimes referred to as “Iron Shitty.” Regular Iron or IC Light is shitty. It’s not good. It kinda tasted like you are drinking the actual can. Like aluminum.

Oh and if you haven’t figured out the obvious, Iron City is a homage to Pittsburgh steel roots. While little to no steel is still (say that a few times – steel is still) produced here, Pittsburgh still loves to refer to itself as the Steel City and of course loves its Steelers.  

BUT, back to my new love. So a few weeks ago, I dabbled in a little of Iron City Light’s new flavor – MANGO Beer. Yes. MANGO!

This beer is great for summer. It’s refreshing, goes down quick, doesn’t leave a weird taste in your mouth. With flavored beers, it’s hard to drink them for a full night without switching things up, but I was able to drink Iron City Mango for a few hours! And, as a gal that has some stomach issues with beer, let's just say that I was fine the next day! 

I know what you're thinking still - Mango. Gross. But seriously, IC is an innovator! Some fun facts that I may have mentioned before,  according to Wikipedia, Iron City introduced the…
§  First snap-top can, produced in conjunction with Alcoa, 1962.
§  First twist-off resealable cap, 1963.
§  First brewery to print scenes honoring local sports teams and individuals.
§  First "draught" beer available in a can, Iron City.
§  First malt cooler, Hop-n-Gator (sued for trademark infringement by Gatorade and ceased production).
§  First brewer to use the aluminum beer bottle on a large scale, produced in conjunction with Alcoa, 2005. According to Alcoa, the bottle has three times the aluminum of typical cans, giving it better insulation. The maker claims the bottle keeps beer cold up to 50 minutes longer. It is also lighter than glass, unbreakable, resealable, and is coated to prevent the aluminum from affecting the taste.