Perfectly Polished: So Mani Choices

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

At my jobby job, on occasion we have Manicure Monday. A lady comes in and gives us mini mani’s, typically just a polish change and file, for a few bucks.
Last time I was picking out a shade, I was reading all of the awesome names some cool people at Essie and OPI put on the polishes. It got me thinking…pairing a nail polish with a gift that matches the shade’s name is a totally cute idea. Yeah, a bottle of nail polish is a cute gift alone, but adding a theme to it makes it even more awesome.

Here are some gift thought starters.

Essie Walk Down the Aisle – perfect for a bridal shower gift!

·         The Essie bridal collection has some of the cutest names – Show Me The Ring, Happily Ever After, No Pre-Nup
·         I once saw nail polish as a favor at a shower and these shades would be perfect with a little bow tied around the top!

Imported Bubbly – how awesome would this shade be with a bottle of imported bubbly!? So cute to accompany a bottle of Champagne.

Sandy Beach – LOVE the idea of pairing this with a cute sand pail or a mani gift card for someone that is going on vacation

Strawberry Shortcake, Pink Lemonade, FiestaFruit Sangria and Peach Daiquiri – these next few colors would be perfect with a recipe pairing. Buy the ingredients to match the name of the polish. For instance, pair Fruit Sangria with a batch of pre-made sangria.

Bachelorette Bash – enough said, right?! Pair this with festive bachelorette goodies or a cute pair of undies.

Shop Till I Drop – LOVE the idea of matching this with a mall gift card.

Cute as a Button – Remember what I said about shower favors above? This would be adorable for a baby shower.

Clambake – my goal for the last two years was to attend or attempt to host a clambake. If I get that opportunity to do so, this color will sure be involved. On my hands or as a hostess gift!

Tiny Wine-ey – Love matching this with a bottle of vino.

After Sex – Woah risqué, right? However, another fun bachelorette party shade!

Wicked – a Halloween party mush have! Or how fun would this be with tickets to the Wicked show or book?

Clutch Me If You Can – I mean, so cute to place this inside a fun clutch!

Brownie Points – Seriously, how fun would this be with as a hostess gift with a fresh batch of brownies? Like wise with Chocolate Cakes.

Hot Coco – I mean, how awesome is this for a holiday gift with a mug, pack of hot chocolate and marshmallows?!

The OPI website was not as friendly to play with as Essie, but they also have some cute polish names, like:
·         Happy Anniversary
·         Chapel of Love
·         Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs.
·         Chicago Champagne Toast
·         Last Friday Night (Katy Perry Color)
·         Big Hair & Big Nails – 80’s party?
·         Red My Fortune Cookie – Chinese New Years
·         Big Apple Red – For a friend moving to NYC
·         20 Candles on my Cake – 20th birthday party
·         It’s a Girl – Baby Shower
·         Teenage Dream – Teen’s birthday