You’re so Fake

Friday, August 26, 2011

This is a somewhat bi-polar Fashion Friday. Something has been bothering me a lot  lately.  Not the stock market, gas prices or starving kids in Africa. Not the earthquake or the hurricane. 

What’s been bothering me is knockoff apparel.

Gosh, I sound like such a bitch, don’t I? Lol. I’m joking. Okay, well somewhat.

You know that I have a passion for fashion (so cliché). I appreciate designers’ creativity and talent. So when I see their work knocked off at a lower price point it bothers me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a deal, but I HATE that feeling of buying something at a higher price point just to walk into Forever 21 and see almost the same garment at 70% less than what you paid with crappy craftsmanship.

Then again, I must admit I’ve been sucked into it too. I bought this H&M dress (above, middle) earlier this year because I loved the color and shape, only to find out that Kate Spade (left) and Prada (right) were pushing almost the same thing.

Another struggle that I have is that I do fall victim to this myself. I mean, let’s call a spade a spade. I read waaaayyy too much and use other’s ideas for inspiration – on this blog all the time!

Then there is this Anthro dress (left) that I wore to a wedding earlier this year. I’m walking through Kohl’s and I ran into this Lauren Conrad (right) imitation for a huge fraction of the price. 

How about this Tiffany necklace. The counterfeit showed up on a wedding blog this week.

Another Anthro mishap – I purchased a sequin berllo from fall 2009 that showed up the following season at Charlotte Russe.

And yet ANOTHER Anthro copy - I don't have links for this, but one is from Anthro and the other is Forever 21 (aka Forever Stealing Designs!). 

What are your thoughts on knockoffs? Why buy the full priced piece when you can get the fake for less? Or buy the real thing because it’s better quality and genuine?

Note that most of the things that I’m talking about are counterfeits of non-luxury items. I know that this is a larger issue in the fashion world of high end things (i.e. LV purses, Chanel, Louboutins, etc.)