Be My Guest

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

All aspects of weddings have become totally unique. From personalized favors from the bride and groom, to unique bridal party entrances, to outside of the church wedding venues. Couples are really looking for ways to make their wedding stand out.

One of my favorite areas in which couples are showing their creativity and personalization is with guest books.

If you are looking to replicate this for a wedding, birthday, shower or your next party, I think two things are key.
1.      Pick and item that means something to you (and your significant other if it is a wedding)
2.      Think of what you will do next with the item. Will you display this in your house? If so, pick something that you are willing to live with hanging on your wall!

Here are some of my fav guest books that I’ve recently spotted.

·         Finger People: This is so fun. People pick a color ink, dip their thumb, or finger in the ink and then put their finger print in a book, along with their signature.

·         Finger Prints: you can also take the concept of the finger prints and have people add to a tree or balloon like this couple!

·         Guitar: For that rock ‘n roll couple, have guests sign a guitar or a record!

·         Wine Corks: I’ve been saving wine corks to make a wreath, BUT for an extra touch, I’ve been writing on the date and reason for drinking the bottle on the cork. It will be fun to look back on! I like how this couple used the corks as a guest book!

·         Ornaments: I’ve been obsessing for some time over the idea of a winter wedding, so it’s only fitting that I LOVE this idea. Have guests sign ornaments in your wedding colors. How fun will these be to hang on your first tree!?

·         Wine Bottle: Another FAB idea. I saw a couple do this with five bottles – one that they would drink on each of their first five anniversaries.

·         Calendar: This is a secret tricky one. People sign on their birthday. Then the couple has a calendar with everyone’s day!

·         Jenga: LOVE. Sign pieces of a Jenga game! So fun for when people come over for game night!

·         Mad Libs: Another fun game – guests fill out their own Mad Libs like card!
  • Surfboard: And last, but certainly not least, for the beach-loving-surfer couple, a surfboard!