Stop and Smell the Roses...Okay, Now Win Football Games

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Let’s take a moment to forget about that awful Steelers loss last week, the rape accusations against Ben Roethlisberger and that helmetless motorcycle crash to focus on something else – his wedding.

I know. My fellow Pittsburghers are tired of hearing about this. You would have thought that this was basically the Royal Wedding of Pittsburgh. But there is one detail of his wedding celebration that I want to focus on – the rose wall.

Local florist Hepatica designed a wall of roses for the wedding. You know, kinda like the celebrity red carpet step-and-repeats, but with ALL FLOWERS. (FYI – step and repeats are what we in the industry call the plastic backdrops on the red carpet with the event and sponsor logos).

Anyways, back to this flower wall. A reliable blog reader informed me that the florist placed each and every flower into this wall. Then it fell over and they did it again. Like seriously. That takes patience and skills. While I would never want to recreate a flower wall to this scale, I think it would be cool to add as a backdrop to a candy bar OR using fake flowers at a shower or event.  

Oh and don’t worry – according to Whirl Magazine, the flowers were donated to the Ronald McDonald House.
Molly Wilson said...

Brandi! I actually know the fella from Hepatica who did the flower wall. I work with his niece. I guess he got it all done and tried to stand it up, and the majority fell off... so that flower wall took some serious work! It turned out beautifully though!