Halloween Reader Mail Bag!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Reader Lindsay Writes:
"You need to do a blog entry about what to wear for a coworkers Halloween party!!! You can’t go sexy…but you also don’t wanna look like a tool either."

  Oh Lindsay. This scenario reminds me the start to an episode of “The Office.”

  I thought about this and here are some tips:
             Play it safe, but think ears and ass. Go for something simple like a cat – all black outfit, ears and tail. OR Minnie Mouse – red and white polka dot shirt with black skirt, etc. – polka dots are super in right now too.
              DO NOT go political or borderline racist. Don’t mess with nationalities (unless you are a  tasteful German beer wench)
            Think clever, not creative.
o   Three coworkers and I went as the three blind mice one time (there is power and comfort to having a team outfit)
           Think TV Shows
o   The Mad Men look is super in
o   Cartoon characters are typically safe (think Disney!)
o   Teen Mom could potentially be offensive ; )
o   Rachel Zoe: fur vest, boho top, wide legged jeans, Starbucks cup, oversized sunnies
*  Bonus points for getting a guy friend to be Brad Gorski – preppy wearing a bow tie
o   I’d say Jersey Shore, but I think you can do better than that
        Other “safe” things (but don’t think sexy)
o   Pirate
o   Greek god/goddess
o   Any animal that does not involve spandex
o   Train conductor
o   Cowboy or cowgirl
o   50’s poodle skirt
·            If the product packaging has the word “sexy” on it, chances are it’s not right

·            Before you go out the door, ask yourself some questions:
o   What if people pass these pictures around at work on Monday. Am I comfortable with how I look?
o   Would I want my picture in this outfit on Facebook? Would I wear this costume standing in front of my high school classmates?
o   Can you see my butt or am I showing too much cleavage or body parts?
·            If you answered yes to any of the above, reconsider your costume.

·            Finally - if you are single and you are attending a Halloween party, think ahead. What if I hook up.? What am I walking home in? Consider packing a shack pack.