Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The college football season has officially begun!

And while I spent seven hours watching my favorite team try and complete its first game (thanks lightning!), I did some research to find a new, awesome tailgating recipe. While I may not have scored with my search (pun intended), here are some potential winners.

·         Like who doesn’t love a baked potato? You find me one person that doesn’t and I’ll talk some sense into them. Lol. So I found this recipe where it’s a baked potato combined with the word mini. A mini-baked potato! A 2-point conversion if you ask me.
·         I’m not sure of the tailgateability of these, but if these mac and cheese bites don’t say fall comfort food, then I don’t know what does.
·         For dessert, how about these football-inspiredchocolate covered strawberries. While you can buy them from this site, they look pretty easy to make. Yummmm.
·         Another sweet treat – cake batter dip. MyMouthIsWatering.

·         I love this variation of the jalapeno popper made with crescent rolls.
·         For some new dips, what about…Blue Cheese Bacon, White Pizza Dip, Mississippi Sin Dip, Cheddar Bacon Dip (I like that this one is also referred to as “crack”) and don’t forget that pumpkin dip that I gushed about last year!

And finally, the most absurdly awesome tailgating recipe. I give you, the Snakadium! This gem involves a gauc football field with salsa and cheese dip end zones, then surrounded by chip dippers and a Rice Krispie Treat fence. I die. 

Okay, now time for you to dish. What’s your favorite tailgating recipe?