Get Lucky with a Cup of Joe

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Who’s pumped up to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on a Saturday!?! This girl!! I’ve got my sequin vest ready (true story) and have been St. Practicing for weeks. One thing on the Smithkowski party menu? Irish Coffee.

When doing my research, I found that there are several recipes for this Irish delicacy. I’m going to go with my friends at Wikipedia – because their recipe comes from the people at the International Bartenders Association.

(pic and drank by me)

Irish Coffee (via Wikipedia)
·         40ml (2 parts) Irish whiskey
·         80ml (4 parts) hot coffee
·         30ml (1½ parts) fresh cream
·         1tsp brown sugar

Heat the coffee, whiskey and sugar; do not boil. Pour into Irish Coffee mug and top with cream; serve hot.

A bit of trivia to help you sound awesome at your St. Pat’s Party – The original Irish Coffee was created by Joe Sheridan, a chef in the County Limerick, Ireland. Joe created the drink when a group of American passengers got off of a flight during really cold weather in the 1940’s, so Joe added whiskey to the cup of Joe (haha – pun intended) to warm up the passengers.  

(sources: Wikipedia