Tables That Are Tops

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One of my FAVORITE events to drool over is kicking off this week – DIFFA’s Dining by Design. DIFFA aka Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids created this annual event that puts tables designed by artists, students, fashion & interior designers and architects on display. The tables also travel throughout the U.S. (you can find the schedule here).

I love this event because the table entries really push the creativity bar and can be used as inspiration at your next dinner party or event.

As Biz Bash points out, one key thing missing from this year’s event – flowers! Designers used crazy objects in place of overpriced florals!

Here are some of my favorite tables!

Love this David Stark table for Benjamin Moore. I adore the butterflies cascading from the ceiling (which I’d imagine are made from paint chips) and the colorful books at each table setting.

I’m personally dying to spray paint (I need my own yard) wine bottles to create a look similar to this one

Speaking of my empty wine bottles, mad props (do people say that?) to Libby Langdon for the chandelier of empty wine bottles. Divine!

Neon ribbons. Enough said.

I mean – how awesome is a centerpiece of laser beams? (the guests at this party are a bit freaky lol) 

Okay, so I’m not in love with this table, but I wanted to show you how a colorful table cloth can add the punch of pop to a table without flowers.

This Ralph Lauren table? I mean how does this become my future home! This table / room is the most inviting of the bunch!

Preppy? Yes. Beachy? Yes. Pink? Yes. LOVE this table from Ethan Allen. Great bridal shower inspiration!