Monday, March 12, 2012

·       I have a sweet tooth – that’s no lie. I tend to go through intervals of things that I crave. Right now – POPCORN is at the top of that list. I’m not discriminating between sweet or savory and right now my dealer of delicious popcorn crack is Pittsburgh Popcorn. This.Stuff.Is.Amazing. They ship nationwide too friends!

·         Louis Vuitton Fall 12 Paris Runway Show was just SO freaking awesome and SMART. The models come off of a train and there are bell hops carrying their LV bags…which some were adorned with GLITTER. And then the CLOTHES! Amazing colors and patterns and beautiful buttons. Sky high heels and hats with feathers. I just want to climb all aboard that train, have a cocktail with Marc Jacobs and swim in all of those clothes and accessories.  (photo source)

·         The new DVF Kid’s line for Gap comes out this week. While all of the looks are adorable and leave you wishing they were available in big kid sizes, I, lover of all things office supplies, of course loved the DVF School Kits. This delightful accessory includes paper dolls (gasp!), stickers, a coloring book, confetti (double gasp) and a roll of “decorative tape.” This may be mine. Don’t judge.

·         I started to see a frightening trend in my closet. Stripes and dots. A number of my recent purchases have included stripes and dots. So of course I fell in like with this J. Crew clutch.

·         I’ve always wondered why they make coolers so manly. Us ladies like to get our outdoor drinking on too. Enter All For Color. They make these charming roller coolers in pretty patterns and colors!

·         Remember when I said that I go through food obsessions. This one time, in college, I ate soft pretzels for dinner for a semester (thanks to the hubs for snagging me some bball leftovers during our Hogwarts, I mean WVU years). Therefore, I LOVE this idea – a soft pretzel bar via Biz Bash!

·         This seriously may be the one of the most clever company names that I’ve  ever seen – Bitches in Pearls. Not to be confused with the name you may have given a rival sorority, Bitches in Pearls makes pricey, little necklaces for your bitch…er dog.