Meals on Wheels: Pittsburgh Food Trucks

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Food trucks aren’t new. Cities like Portland and Austin have had the roaming food luxury for some time now and NYC has basically had food trucks for like ever.

I was fortunate enough to see the trend take off in Chicago before we moved. In fact, my during my first run in with the cupcake truck, I also spotted the Chicago Blackhawks parading the Stanley Cup through a neighborhood bar. As a Penguins fan, I was more interested in the cupcakes.

In the last few years, Pittsburgh has hopped on the trend too. In the fall, Brady and I went to a food truck rally in our hood and tried foods from two trucks (mentioned below). If you are looking for some quick eats in the ‘burgh, here are some options!

·         Dozen: Cupcake truck. Enough said.
·         Franktuary: Hot Dogs. This is one of the trucks that the hubs and I sampled. Delish!
·         BRGR: The delish burgers from BRGB and amazing kettle chips. Just if they could sell the spiked shakes.
·         Pittsburgh Taco Truck: This one is on my list.
·         Polish Pierogi Truck: Yoi! Yum! Not only do they serve Perogis, but they also have Haluski!

Wanna see more food trucks in Pittsburgh? Visit to sign the petition! 
Meesh said...

I'm from Pittsburgh and I definitely want to try these out over the summer! This trends sounds so cool.