Hit Me Baby One More Time

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Brandi* Fun Fact: I’m a keeper. I keep things.  I keep things like ideas.

In the past, I organized my ideas in binders, but that got to be a bit of a space suck. Now I digitize my ideas into online folders.

Saved in my online folders are party ideas, things that I want to do or cook in (that I don’t share with you all! Sorry lol), wedding ideas for a few people that shall not be named and finally – future Halloween ideas.

This year I knew my parents would be hosting party. A party that would have a nice little dance floor. So I sought out to be a disco ball. The hubs was going to accompany me in some ‘70’s attire.

I started the process with a 32-inch balloon from Party City. My dad filled up the balloon using an electronic air pump. Then, I began to paper mache the ball using a flour substance. Now see, you need to wait 24-hours for each layer to dry, so this made this process super long. I didn’t feel that the paper mache layers were getting strong enough, so I attempted to add this clay-like molding. It didn’t work – it crushed all of my work.

For round two, I found a 36-inch beach ball on sale at Target. I started out by wrapping the whole ball in brown paper and packing tape. Then, I applied 3 layers of paper mache to the whole beach ball. Finally, I purchased three boxes of plaster strips and coated the important areas of the ball.

So things were working for round two. Actually, they did work, but I was running out of time. I needed to paint the ball.  Once I started to apply paint, I realized two things.  First of all, this is starting to look like the moon. Second, I can’t apply heavy mirrors on this in fear that it is going to rip when I create straps to affix the ball to my body.

Time was running out, so I decided to go in another direction. I reached into my costume folder and I was a….

This was a super easy back up option. I bought sweatpants and a long sleeve t-shirt from Old Navy (for under $20) and then streamers from Party City. I cut the strips the length of the pants and shirt in multiples of five and then cut slits into the strips. Editor’s note: five strips weren’t enough – 10 were better. I had to go back in fill in a lot. Then, I just started the hot gluing!

For the “ears,” I used a headband that I already had in my craft box and layered streamers over two party hats. Then I glued the hats to the headbands.

Honestly, this crafting process did not take long AT ALL. I spent about four to five total hours not including shopping and it was under $50 - AND comfortable!

I hope you all have a Happy Halloween!