Smell My Rosettes

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

(Shirt of the left, Old Navy. Shirt no the right, my new Old Navy shirt)

You all know my obsession with girly rosettes and ruffles. Well I recently took that love to a whole new level when I taught myself how to make rosettes. Give a girl a sewing kit, some tulle, wine and a Saturday night and…

Whooola. I turned an $8.50 Old Navy tee into a J.Crew-like top! I’ve also used this new skill to make an Anthropoligie-like necklace and a J.Crew-like belt.

While Google reveled a number of patterns for rosettes, I used this one from
I'm taking requests! Just send me your color preferences and if you want a belt, necklace or shirt! It may take a few days, but I'll make it!!