Make it Work

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Without a lot of fanfare, the 5th season of “Project Runway” starts tonight on Bravo. If your into media news, you are aware there is a fight over the show between the creators and networks. Tonight marks the last season on Bravo, so to show their bitterness, the network hasn’t done much of an advertising push around the show. While I hate the feeling of being forced to watch Lifetime to see me some Heidi+Tim, I can't get enough.

I’ve always wanted to host a “Project Runway”-style party. I’ve imagined three versions of this – two for at-home viewing parties and one for a mall that’s a little less PR. Here’s what I’ve imagined.

Party #1 - Be Tim Gun and Host a Challenge
* Find your craftiest, “Project Runway” friends (girls or those men obsessed with fashion) and invite them over for a design challenge. As host, you should dress the part of either Tim Gunn or Heidi Klum (my girl crush)

* Host the party on a Saturday during one of those all-day “Project Runway” marathons

* Visit the local thrift store and scour the racks for pieces that can serve as an inspiration and base for your designers. Ask your relatives for their goodwill items too. Also pick up some fabric on sale from Jo-Anne’s and some inexpensive sequins, feathers, etc. Don’t forget those coupons!

* Make it Rain in the at your dollar store and stock up on sewing materials like scissors, needles, push pins, tape measures, etc.

* Challenge guests to recreate the old fashions into something new. Block off an area of your pad as a runway and have people dress in their creation while they are judged. Totally throw in your best Michael, Heidi and/or Nina

* For those obsessed with the show, but not willing to participate in the challenge, create a PR Quiz. Buy apparel from the Bravo Web site for prizes!

* The emphasis for this party should be the activity. Serve mini-portions of comfort foods like mini-burgers, mini-hot dogs and mac ‘n cheese in ramekins. Prepare cocktails with white spirits so they don’t spill on the creations (i.e. Effen Black Cherry & Sprite!)

Party #2 - Make PR a Drinking Game

If you’ve watched every episode and every season millions of times like me, while the cast changes, there are some things that remain the same. Honor those similarities with a “Project Runway” drinking game. The show is practically the girls’ version of football, so why not add booze.

Each time one of the following things happens, take a swig!
* Tim Gunn says “Make it Work!” “Carry on” or “Send your models to the (enter sponsor) hair salon”
* A contestant cries or says “Oh my god”
* Someone says “I’m not here to make friends”
* A sewing machine breaks
* Show sponsor is mentioned (i.e. Bluefly, Elle Magazine, Hershey’s, etc.)
* “I’m not here to make friends” is mentioned by a contestant (a reality show staple)
* Designer is still fixing their garmet as the model is walking to the runway
* A word is bleeped out (drink twice if it is at the sewing machine)
** Chug your drink if a model falls on the runway

Party #3 - The Look for Less
This idea is more a knock off of the old Style Network show “The Look For Less,” but is still a good idea for the fashion obsessed.

* During a low-traffic shopping weekend (no holiday!), invite friends to meet at a designated shopping area with a picture of an outfit/look they really like, but can’t afford. Ask them to also provide their shoe and clothing sizes on a slip of paper

* Consider meeting at a Starbucks or breakfast spot. Over coffee, swap outfits with people in your group. Tell everyone that they have 3 hours and only $50 to duplicate the look

* Make sure that your shopping area has some low-cost stores that have trendy clothing options like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, H&M, etc.

* Once time is up, meet and model your new look! Arrange a girls’ night out or dinner afterwards.

Misc. Ideas
Bravo suggests hosting two different viewing parties. The first asks guests to dress like their favorite character (while she isn’t my fave, I would be Laura from season 3) and the second suggests asking guests to bring old cloths and donate them to charity. You could also turn that into a Bitch & Swap and exchange second-hand goodies with your friends.