Tour de Franzia

Monday, July 21, 2008

Flipping through the channels over the last week or so, I keep seeing that some silly station is airing the Tour de France…and it’s on like EVERYDAY. So I did a little research and found out that this thing is 23 days and over 2,000 miles – insane!

When I think of the Tour de France, of course I immediately think of Lance Armstrong. But right after that, my mind drifts to the word Franzia – “The World’s Most Popular Wine” that is “Bringing Joy to Everyday Life.” (direct quotes from the web site).

At some point in your life, reader, I would bet that you have experienced a delicious glass of boxed wine. You may even have drank from the spout keg stand-style or “tapped the bag.” Whatever your style, Franzia has been the start of a number of good memories. Why not create some more with a Tour de Franzia.

This wine tasting is like no other. When guests arrive, be sure to give them their own wine glass. To make the party more exciting, ask people to bring their own customized glass (think pimp goblet!).

The boxed-wine is actually sold in three categories – Vintner Select, Old World Classics and House Wine Favorites - for a total of 24 flavors. These families can build the three rooms of your tour.

In the Vintner Select room, complement the wine with some French munchies like French Fries, cheeses and breads. You want to make sure people are absorbing the wine with some food!

The Old World Classics are a crafted in a semi-dry style. You will want to have a lot of water and Gatorade on this stop of the tour. Consider adding some sweets, like a fun fondue, in this room.

Pair your signature appetizer recipes with the Franzia House Wine Favorites category. These wines are “refreshing, fruity and bursting with fresh aromas.”

If you have a nice outdoor entertaining area or a patio, I suggest you purchase some inexpensive tricycles and have races to tie in the whole bike thing. If someone is super-good, totally call them out for doping and issue them with a BUI (biking under the influence). Don’t forget the Livestrong bracelets as party favors!

Franzia is actually celebrating its 100 year anniversary in 2008 – another excuse for a party!

Brandi*’s Note: According to the Urban Dictionary, there is a much more dangerous way to host this party that I would have totally did in college if I knew about it. Once guests arrive, everyone is assigned to a team. Each team is given a box of Franzia and the first team to finish wins. While I am a binge drinker, I don’t want to encourage it!

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