Melly K. Day

Thursday, July 10, 2008

This Saturday, once reader Melissa Koger (now Kluchurosky) will celebrate her 27th Birthday. While we tend to disagree in beer selections, I will honor Melly this Thirsty Thursday with a salute to her favorite beverage – Miller Lite.

“When it hits your lips – it’s orgasmic,” once said Melly about her love for Miller Lite.

Here are some facts about Melly’s beloved beer – and while you may not like Miller Lite like me, these facts are sure to make a good conversation starter for the next person you see drinking it!

* Considered the first mainstream light beer

* Created by Joseph L. Owades, a biochemist working at New York’s Rheingold Brewery, in 1967

* The recipe was given to one of Miller’s competitors in Chicago – Meister Brau, which came out with the beer and dubbed it a “Lite” option in the late ‘60’s

* Miller bought out Meister Brau and created “Lite Beer from Miller” in 1975. After its introduction, Miller Lite rose in popularity by using masculine pro sports players in its ads.

* Riding on the heels of Miller’s success, Bud Light (a Brandi* fav) was introduced in 1982

* One Miller Lite contains 96 calories

* The beer’s slogan is “Great Taste…Less Filling.” This ad campaign was ranked by Advertising

* Age magazine as the 8th best campaign in history

* As of 1992, light beer is the biggest domestic beer in the United States

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