Stuff Yinzers Like

Sunday, July 06, 2008

During some down time from my tour guide duties this weekend, I discovered this awesome Pittsburgh-focused blog that just I just love.

“Stuff Yinzers Like” is a spin off the book released on July 1st called “Stuff White People Like.” The Yinzer blog explains things that Pittsburgh people love and also includes a paragraph for outsiders to understand the weird traditions.

Here are some snippets of my favorite postings…

Posting #5: Fireworks
- “There is really no other way of saying this — Yinzers just freakin’ love fireworks.”
- “If you’re invited to a Yinzer’s house for the fourth of July, be ready for anything. Review the instructions on the fire extinguisher, do a little research on first aid tips, and always be on the lookout for a kid with a sparkler trying to poke you in the ass.”

Posting #3: Steelers QB’s (this one really hit home for me..ah hem Brady):
- “If the quarterback is not playing well, then there is only one logical conclusion to make — he must be gay.”
- “Any Yinzer worth his weight in perogies had a cousin’s friend’s uncle’s boyfriend’s sister that had actually SEEN Kordell Stewart cruising for gay sex in Schenley park.”
- “If you’re unaware of the latest, the conversation will inevitably lead to talking about Kordell Stewart’s great-player-to-gay conversation. If this occurs, stay calm and immediately align yourself as closely as you possibly can with this idea, declaring that you can’t believe how gay he was.”

Posting #2: Voulenteer Fire Halls (another one I can relate to!)
- “Going to the fire hall is a rite of passage for developing Yinzers (Youngzers), and their first exposure is usually at a fundraiser.”
- “Despite the near-orgasmic love Yinzers have for fundraisers, fire halls are at their best when used for weddings.
- "If you ever encounter a Yinzer talking about an event that has happened at a fire hall, nod approvingly. In fact, ask at which volunteer fire company the event took place and if the Yinzer happens to know the Fire Chief. While you might not actually care, you will have a friend for life, and might score an Iron City beer out of the interaction."

For those jag off’s that aren’t from Pittsburgh, you should bookmark this blog. It will help you understand where I come from and prepare you for that inevitable trip to Da ‘Burgh.