Tips, Tips, Tips

Monday, July 14, 2008

I love the feeling of discovering a new party tip. I know, I am a nerd. Below you will find a few of my favs.

* When hosting a party, don’t’ make a menu of all new items. Gradually introduce new items

* Focus on presentation over preparation. Don’t spend crazy money and time trying to create a perfect party. Just present the food/decorations you are able to do in the best way possible. Serve pudding in martini glasses, garnish a shot of tomato soup with a mini grilled cheese wedge, make sand and serve in a sand bucket. For a decoration, gather two vases – a bigger one and a smaller one. Place the little vase inside the larger one. Fill the space between the two vases with some unexpected like colorful M&M’s or gumballs. Lastly, fill the middle vase with a plant or some flowers

* The most common food allergies are nuts and seafood; check ahead with your guests attending and make note if any of your recipes include these items

* Have enough glasses on hand so that everyone can have two. This is important if you are going to go all fancy and use real glasses vs. red cups (which now come in blue!)

* A .750 mil bottle of alcohol can make about 12 drinks. If you have heavy drinkers on hand, I would assume that it makes 8-10

* Avoid hosting a party during a high-traffic party season, like the holidays, Halloween or Memorial Day. Consider moving your bash to the off-season (March, April or September) to ensure a maximum crowd

* Great cocktails start with great ingredients. Skip the cheap stuff

* If you have the space, move the food table away from the wall so that people can reach it from both sides. This eliminates a long line. If you live in a small apartment, bring the foods to different levels to maximize your table space. To achieve this, use cake states and bowls turned upside down

* Never put carbonated drinks into a cocktail shaker. Remember that time you opened up a pop can that was shaken too much? That is what you are doing to the beverage in the shaker. Shake the beverage before adding carbonation OR build the ingredients over ice and stir

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