Tea for Two and Two for Tea

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Something about spring makes me think of big floral hats, kites, picnics and tea parties.

Yeah, tea parties can be stereotyped with five-year-old girls playing dress up, but adults can have fun too. Here’s how.

* I once saw a party planner** create a tea bar. The planner set up a variety of different flavors of loose tea leafs in clearly marked bowls. Guests had the opportunity to create their own tea combination, place the leaves into a special brew spoon and mix up a personalized cup. We live in such a non-fat, no-whip, white chocolate mocha world, that this gives your friends the chance to personalize their drink without hiring a barrista.

* Apparently there is occupation out there of “tea leaf readers.” A google search may reveal some of these special trade people in your area. Tazo Tea, the brand of choice at Starbucks, has a similar concept on its Web site. After entering your favorite tea, hair color and what crayon color you prefer, a little man/tea reader will give you a line of wisdom. Ask your friends to RSVP with their answers and create tea readings as a cute present.

* Tea parties should be stress free and fun. Hire some blissful entertainment like a manicurist or a make up artist. After all, these parties are early in the day, so guests will likely be heading out afterwards.

* Personalize mugs are a fun favor that friends can use during the party. Sites like Kodak Gallery and Zazzle.com allow you to create cute mugs for your friends.

* Small foods like mini-tea sandwiches and salads are perfect for a tea party. Just remember to keep it light and simple.

(Photo Source: SarahSovereign.com, **Tea Bar Credit: Okay look, I read 200+ blogs daily, I can’t remember where I saw this. If this was your idea, so sorry I didn’t credit you- email me and I will!)
Blogger said...

Tyra's sister is getting married on Friday Night Lights and she had her bachelorette party be a tea party.

Shot of Brandi* said...

OMG - aparently there are a ton of tea parties going on across the US today to protest taxes. How ironic!?