I Heart Mom

Friday, May 08, 2009

I always have a tough time coming up with gift ideas for my mom and dad. They have everything they need and the things they want are way out of my price range (ah hem new kitchen).

For today’s topic, I decided to include a number of last-minute gift ideas for Mother’s Day that don’t cost a lot, but your mom will use and appreciate. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Under $25
Foot Spa: Is your mom on her feet a lot? Give her a Dr. Schools home foot spa!

Pitcher: Does your mom make a killer tea or lemonade? Buy her the Zazz Pitcher from Crate & Barrel. If your mom is clueless in the kitchen, attach the recipe for a punch or some instant brew packs.

Under $20
Mani: What mom wouldn’t like a nice manicure! Okay, this isn’t very original, but it will do! Cost: $12 – 18

Personal Coffee Maker: If mom is the only one in the house that likes a cup of Joe, get her a personal coffee maker. Cost: $19.99

Make Her Brunch: Reader Megan introduced me to the Serious Eats blog and they have some awesome

Under $15

Wine Carrier: Is mom a wine-o? Well then this gift is right up her alley. If you want to spend a few more dollars add some two buck Chuck or re-gift a bottle of red from your apartment.

Snuggie: Yeah, I know. This is cheesy, but seriously. How many times have you wished your blanket had sleeves? I know one Shot of Brandi* readers’ mom has two of these!

Under $10

Earrings: I love, love, love these options from Manic Trout. It’s a funny name, but the outlet has super cute and cheap jewelry. My pick are the colorful flower earrings.

DIY Recipe Book: If your mom or grandma isn’t very computer savvy, print off a number of recipes you think she would enjoy from sites like Food Network, Food & Wine, Rachel Ray and a grandma favorite Paula Deen. Bind the recipes and add your own personal flair to a cover page. If your mom is a savvy, trendy owner of an ipod, download a fun app like Pocket Cocktails ($5) or 101Cookbooks (free!) Cost: $5-10

Telegram: If you are only sticking to a card this Mom’s Day, throw things back a little more with a telegram. Cost: $4.70
(Photo Sources: Crate & Barrel, Manic Trout, target.com, tattoo via flickr)