Savvy Shopping

Monday, May 18, 2009

I’m not going to say the R or E words that are mentioned every morning on the news, but let’s face it – things suck right now. Everyone is cutting back and spending money a little differently. But every gal (and sometimes guy) loves a new shirt or dress every once and awhile, right?

The news is filled with “ways to save money” tips that are rather lame, but here are a few reccessionista shopping tips that I thought were interesting.

Accessorize: Buy some new trendy faux jewels from Forever 21 or H&M to give add some flair to a simple tee. Fun shows can also change a look instantly. (I just bought a necklace for triple the price of this Forever 21 steal to the left!)

Smart Sales: Anthropoligie is my favorite store. Brady can tell you that my weekend ritual is visiting the Anthro a block away from my apartment. I almost always buy everything on sale there because I get so peeved when I pay full price just for the item to go on sale the next weekend. Well last week at Savvy Sugar, I read about stores that will refund customers if you purchase an item and within 14 days it goes on sale. Click here for a list of stores that will honor this deal.

The Extras: Take advantages of stores “free” services. Retailers like J.Crew, Banana Republic, Norsdstrom and Club Monaco offer free alterations on regular priced items. This is awesome for jeans!

Would You Like a Sample: You know those annoying people that try to spray you with perfume at the mall? Next time ask them if they have a free sample. Try it with the makeup ladies too! Beauty sites like and allow you to pick our some free sample goodies with every purchase too!

Label Whore: If you are craving designer goods, consider adding a “mini” luxury good to your collection. For instance, there are a number of luxe goods for less than $100. Try a Burberry headband, Tiffany & Co. heart earrings or pendant (left), or a Prada credit card case for an extra $15.

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