Show Me Your Grillz

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of Grilling Season, but here in the Midwest, this past weekend we got a little tease of summer weather. And the grills…well they were a grillin’.

No matter your location, or living situation, there is a grill option for you. Here are some of my picks.

If you live in an apartment with no balcony: Then you are like me! I’ve always had a great relationship with George…Mr. Foreman that is. The Next Generation Grill looks pretty awesome and it's under $100.

If you live in an apartment or townhouse with a balcony/yard: Just under $200 dollars (pre-tax), the Brinkmann 4-Bruner Stainless Steel Grill appears to be a great option. It’s a smaller size, but still has a generous cooking area. Customers on the Home Depot web site said that it was easy to put together too – always a plus!

If you own a house: Congrats! This means you need a kick ass grill. I mean grills are like status symbols in suburbia. Guys flock to each others houses to comment on a new grill purchase. It’s like a new car. I recommend you go balls to the wall and get a Lexus of grills like the Weber S-450 (above). While this isn’t the most expensive Weber on the market, it has a ton of cool bells and whistles. You can truly be a foodieista with this grill because it comes with a smoker box that can give your BBQ a smoky flavor. Don’t forget to buy a lock to keep this grill secure.

If you like to tailgate: Who doesn’t love a good tailgate? One of the coolest tailgating or camping grills is the Coleman Road Trip (left). This thing is compact, folds down and you can wheel it around the parking lot.

If you like to Picnic: I obsess over picnics. Crate & Barrel has the cutest bucket grill that is compact, easy to store and an awesome price.

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