Cheers for Beers!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This past weekend, I finally had the opportunity to get my digital self in order. That means I’ve finally read / cleaned the work-related Google Reader and then 700+ email newsletters, store coupons, etc. in my Hotmail.

One email from the newsletter, Healthy Bitch Daily, caught my eye. Carolyn Scott-Hamilton (of The Healthy Voyager) listed out the pros of drinking beer – some of which surprised me.

Here are the highlights:
• Beer is fat-free
• Beer is low sugar (vs. a lot of martini’s and mixed drinks)
• Beer has no cholesterol
• Most beer contains malted barley, which is a source of soluble fiber, which aids in healthy poops and slows absorption of food. Some beer averages between 20 – 60 percent of your daily intake of fiber!
• MODERATE consumption of beer has been shown to reduce stress and the chances of heart disease (woah)

Of course with all these positive things, there’s got to be some con’s, right??
• Each beer adds about 150 calories to your day
• The more alcohol in the beer, the more calories there are
• Beer has been shown to send your appetite into overdrive
• Alcohol destroys vitamin C and vitamin B complex
• That term “beer belly” comes from the way beer interferes with those vitamins. Alcohol can effe up the way your tummy burns fat. It also causes the liver to swell.

Healthy Bitch Daily is a great newsletter that puts those confusing health things into simple terms for people like me that hate scientific stuff!