Some Like It Hot

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Valentine’s Day is coming up. If you are planning to cook at home, let me recommend some ingredients to spice up your menu. They say that foods can have a sexually stimulating effect on people. Here are some key ingredients to help you “score.”

• Chile Peppers – their heat releases endorphins
• Ginger – said to increase sensitivity in erogenous zones
• Honey – boosts energy
• Mangos – said to increase the male libido
• Chocolate – boosts serotonin
• Almonds – the international symbol of fertility, almonds help sustain stamina
• Rosemary – with its aroma and flavor, it’s said that rosemary could easily be one of the most sensual foods
• Vanilla – said to arouse men and women

You may want to pick a few items from the list. A menu of all of these ingredients could send you into a sensory overload!

(Source: Fork Me, Spoon Me: The Sensual Cookbook via Epicurious)