Simple Bowl Party

Thursday, February 03, 2011


I have boy readers. I don’t know how I am hanging on to them with all of my girly talk. I keep trying to satisfy their tastes, but it’s rather difficult when all I can think about is glitter, bows and ruffles. So this one is for you boys.
With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, I was thinking – what are the essential things you need if you are hosting a party.

SuppliesTelevision – no brainer, right? Make sure that you have enough seats for everyone to see it AND cable
Napkins - or paper towels
Cups – one can never have too many red cups
Toilet Paper - you don’t want run out while you have people over
Girls – come on, you don’t want this to be a sausage party

Wings – order them from your favorite joint. In my case, that would be Hooters. For realzy. Ask Brady where I had my 6th grade birthday party ; )
Pizza – order ahead. Don’t forget to get a plain one for those who may be vegetarian
Chips & Dip – Go for the standard Lays and sour cream and onion dip
Chips & Salsa – Another Super Bowl staple
Cheese – right now, I want to shred the Wisconsin cheese, but who doesn’t love cheese? (lactose intolerant people not included). Just buy some blocks at the grocery store and cut them up
Sandwich Ring – again, something that can be picked up from the store. You may want to put this out during the second half to help sober some people up
Sweets – pick up something chocolate for after dinner cravings. They make a ton of cute stuff at the local grocery store with footballs on it (think cupcakes, cookie cakes, etc)

DrinksBeer – this is an area where I recommend over-buying. Seriously, can you have too much beer? I mean you will drink it at some point, right?
Flavored Vodka – this one is for those silly girls that will tell you that you don’t drink beer. Supply some Sprite for the side and don’t forget ice
Wine – if you are feeling fancy, pick up a few bottles. Let me suggest one red and one white. Boxed wine is kinda hip now too

An added touch? People don’t want to leave the couch during games. Make sure the food and beer are close to the couch (use tables and coolers).

These are the simplest necessities for a successful Super Bowl party!