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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meow – how unCATrollably cute are these DIY Hello Kitty glasses from Etsy?

The hippest thing in the blogosphere to hang on your door when someone has a birthday in the house? The DIY balloon wreath! (Party Like a Kid)

When Martha Stewart plans parties, they are crazy. But what if you are planning a party that she is attending? You go nuts. Example, Martha’s friend’s daughter’s bat mitzvah. I wish I was friends with more Jewish kids growing up! Like seriously – look at this thing! Horses on loan from a Bergdorf Goodman display, a candy sculptor, centerpieces made from candy (above), a personal graffiti artist that made hats & t-shirts, a wax station to make silly wax shapes with your hand, and much, much more food and décor. (

The fact that Katie Holmes is a robot with a contract to be married to Tom Cruise bothers me. But what doesn’t bother me? SURI and this hot pink dress Katie stepped out in this week. LOVE. I’m on a fuchsia obsession right now. You’ll see that as a theme for my summer wedding wardrobe. (

A brand that had been getting a lot of press around blogs this month – Geronimo Balloons. Check out their delicious blog for their oversized balloon creations – perfect for a party or upcoming photo shoot (engagement, wedding, family, friends, etc). While their balloon toppers are a bit pricey for a large inflatable and some sparkly poms, you can totally use this as inspiration!